I, II, Advanced 3A

and Master Training


Learning the Art of Healing through Energetic Healings/ Reiki Universal energies channeling through the hands of the practitioner which aids in balancing the energetic bodies working towards balance and harmonic alignment with the physical emotional mental and spiritual bodies.



Reiki Level 1 

Sat 10am - 4.30pm

Reiki Level 1: Learn one on one self-healing techniques and at the same time heal family and friends.

Attunements are given for Reiki 1.

August 2019

October 2019



Reiki Level 2 

Sat/Sun: 10am - 4.30pm

Reiki 2: The Practitioner:  tools used in guidance with the laws of Reiki Healing

and working as a Practioner within your own business,

Attunements are given for Reiki 2

September 2019

November 2019


Reiki 3A & Master Attunement

Reiki  Advanced 3A and Master*:

With the master attunement and the use of the master symbol, you receive the opportunity to open more and more completely to the limitless potential of Reiki Universal Energy and to develop in ourselves the qualities that are contained in the Reiki energy.

*Reiki Level 3a and Mastership by appointment only.

Appointments Only

Enquire within







LEVEL 1 & 2 DAY 





Isis Sekhmet Seichim a beautiful Ancient Egyptian healing energy.

It means Living light energy.

Seichim is a loving energy healing modality similar to Reiki, as it also uses symbols.


Isis Sekhmet Seichim is a very balanced feminine healing modality which is a loving, compassionate and gentle energy but also carries the strength, fire, and wisdom of the masculine.  An excellent modality to work in alignment with Reiki Universal Energies.

ISIS SEHKMET SEICHIM is a highly vibrational healing modality.



June 2019

10am - 5pm

Attunements received for both Levels 1  (Introduction)

and 2 (Practioner level) on the same day.






Calling Reiki Practitioners and Masters of Reiki Universal Healing...



* for Reiki Master Teachers Only



LEVEL 1 & 2 ATTUNEMENTS as an added modality to your Reiki Practice.

June 18th, 2019


10am - 5pm





8 Week Chakra Meditation Series:











This 8-week Meditation series is a personal journey with the chakras. 

Each week focuses on a specific chakra via many modes of meditation and practice, guiding and understanding associating moods and feelings subconsciously in alignment with self-awareness and bringing about much-needed change in harmony with balance in our lives.  



Starting Thursdays 30th May 

7pm - 9pm 

Meditation Circles





Crystal Skull Workshops*


A fun and interactive workshop learning and working with Crystal Skulls and how to heal connecting with the higher consciousness and higher dimensional energies.

Learn Crystal Skull Grid layouts or simply connect and work with your own or supplied on the day.

* Personal Channeling and connection with your crystal skull or skull of your choice on the day.













Divination tools 111

All things of the third eye kind.

Fortnightly evening sessions

starting May 2019


A practical hands-on approach to all things connected to divination and opening up your psychic abilities..such as:


Tarot/Oracle Card Intuitive Readings


Reading Palms


Obtaining Information using objects of a person.


Teacup readings.


Crystal gazing of Mirrors/Spheres.  

Scrying can also be using water Hydromancy, fire Ceromancy and clouds Nephelomancy just to name a few.






5D Consciousness, Connections and

Light Language Activations...

August 3rd & 4th 2019

 Higher Consciousness Retreat

Capel Sound Weekend...


The 5th Dimensional Consciousness is achieving oneness with all that is.

An interaction and connective awareness with Nature, Mother Earth, "as above so below" Heaven on Earth connection across all planes of existence.

Its a reconnection to your higher state of self.

During this workshop,  you will be activating your higher heart chakra/5th Dimensional Portal within a group setting as well as one on one activations and working with crystals and sacred geometry.

"Higher heart chakra stones stimulate the etheric heart which is the area where intent originates. It connects the emotions of Divine love, compassion, truth, and forgiveness, with the area where language originates, allowing you to speak from the heart."


























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