Soul Spectra Essences brings to the client a unique approach to "hands on healing" encompassing a full balance and alignment to the mind body and soul.


Antonina is an accredited practitioner in Massage, Energetic Healing, Reiki Master, Crystal Intuitive and fully accredited Crystal and Shamanic Healer.  


Antonina provides a combination of healing modalities that offers an overall sense of well-being within health and wellness providing alternative therapies to soothe your mind, body and soul. 

Diploma accredited and certified with Australian Institue of Applied Sciences (AIAS),  the International TSL group, Reiki Association, The Academy of Crystal Awakening and Stonehenge Training Academy,


Antonina provides both conventional and holistic massage therapies specializing in Relaxation, Hot Stone, Deep Tissue and Cupping.  


Holistic services such as Energy Healing, USUI Reiki Seichim Healing and Crystal and Shamanic Therapies.


Antonina Valentini-Gatt

Cert IV(Massage Therapy) and Dip Rem Mass

Australian Institute of Applied Sciences (AIAS)


Diploma and Certificate of Completion in Hot Stone and Bamboo, clam and sea shell massage therapies.

THTC DipTsl HolisticTraining Centre, Hot Stone Massage


Reiki Master Teacher in USUI Ryoho method.

Reiki Connection Accredited.

ISIS SEHKMET Master Teacher


Crystal Healing and Shamanic Practitioner

(The Academy of Crystal Awakening)


Meditation Coach and Spiritual Life Coaching.



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