Antonina was recommended from a friend of mine who was also a client of Antonina for massage treatments and holistic treatments in crystal and energy healing, I booked an appointment with ease and have never looked back.  I now book monthly sessions with Soul Spectra Essences all in the comfort of my own home.  The convenience of treatment relieving areas of aches and pains collected from a day of stress and everyday life, all alleviated within an hour of treatment of complete relaxation and ease.  I would highly recommend Antonina for your next treatment.



"Antonina is a lovely lady, to begin with and her massages are fantastic.  She listens and is gentle yet firm which is hard to find!  I strongly recommend Soul Spectra Essences! "                         

                                    - Estelle


 I booked a hot stone massage with Antonina a few months ago and have since booked five more! The massage experience is so relaxing and Antonina creates a warm and healing environment that allows me to relax completely. As a full-time mum, I have found the massages to be the perfect way to release and unwind.” 

                                      - Debbie


I have seen quite a few massage therapists during my time and have never found anyone as amazing as Antonina.

I have regular messages every 4 to 6 weeks and always feel great and relaxed especially after a stressful day at work.

I highly recommend Antonina to anyone who is looking for a message therapist.  You won’t regret it!

                                   - Antonella



                                 - Christine


Went in for a healing tonight and OMG what an experience. Thank you, Antonina it was a real pleasure to meet you. I felt so balanced, energised and centred after my session. I highly recommend this!                                                                 - Tania


What an amazing experience! Went in for a crystal healing to unblock my energy & walked away feeling clear, re-energised & balanced. Antonina is extremely patient, listened to my needs and works in an extremely professional but heartfelt manner. Can't wait for my next session!!

                                                     - Sophie


I had the honour of receiving a healing from Antonina and OMG what a powerful experience it was! Antonina, it was a real pleasure to share space with you and the amazing connection we shared! I felt so balanced and centred after our session Thank you lovely lady. I highly recommend!                   - Anita


An amazing heart centred women who offer such a beautiful and safe place to grow and heal.

                                      - Rita


Every time I leave from your healing sessions,  I feel so calm, relaxed unblocked and at peace!

Nina, you are my saviour in my everyday battles in life !!! Thank you thank you thank you 

                                    - Pauline


What a great experience! Going back for more :)






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